Sit-Up Bar
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This Sit Up Bar allows you to perform different exercises that strengthen your thighs and mid-section muscles. The bar is lightweight yet durable and is easily installed in any doorway using its oversized clamp. You simply slide the unit under any door and tighten the rear clamp (takes 30 seconds to install). Once installed the ab Sit Up Bar can remain in place - or be removed after each use and stored away.

This bar gives you the support you need to eliminate discomfort of doing crunches so you can focus on your abdominals and not your feet. Improve the look and strength of your abdominal area as well as the thighs and glutes - so no more strain.

  • Colour: Black / Silver
  • Quick & easy installation
  • Different position foot holders
  • Foam rubber padded ankle bar
  • Option to store away
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